How to Quickly Resize Multiple Images on Windows 10

Need to resize a group of images quickly on Windows 10? With Microsoft’s PowerToys utility, you can do it directly from File Explorer with a right-click—no need to open an image editor. Here’s how to set it up and use it.

Self-hosting Kubernetes on your Raspberry Pi

The aim of this post is to show you how to build a Kubernetes cluster with Raspberry Pi 4s for self-hosting APIs, websites and functions so that you can expose them on the Internet and serve traffic to users.

How to access a remote computer using Google Remote Desktop

You bought your parents / grandparents / other relatives a new computer, set it up, and showed them all of its nifty new features. You’ve gone home, knowing that you’ve made them very happy. But, deep down, you know that this isn’t the end of the story.

Create a Plotly Data Visualization App Using One Line of JS

Here we discuss a Plotly data visualization application created using Python and a single line of JavaScript code. This pattern allows developers to code logic and visualizations almost completely into the backend of your application. You don’t need to know javascript to do what we cover here.

How to Add a Search Bar to WordPress Menu (Step by Step)

Do you want to add a search bar to your WordPress navigation menu? Search form can be really helpful for your users to find what they’re looking for on your site. In this article, we will show you how to add a search bar to your WordPress menu.