D’oh! Adam Liaw on the highs and lows of making your own sourdough

A little over a month ago, our world changed forever. A virus spread around the world and our financial systems bordered on collapse. We were forced to take refuge in our homes in a global quarantine on a scale not seen for a century.


How to White Label WordPress

WordPress makes up 1/3 of websites on the internet today. But many of them don’t appear as WordPress to the users or the public. Why? Because of a practice called white labeling. White labeling is when you remove all the branding of one product in place of another.


Calling The Power BI Export API From Power Automate, Part 1: Creating A Custom Connector

Recently, a new set of endpoints in the Power BI REST API for exporting Power BI reports and paginated reports to files went into public preview (see the main announcement here and the paginated reports announcement here).


WordPress Debug: A Complete Guide (Plus Other Helpful Tools)

In a perfect world, you’d never have a single issue that required debugging. But in the real world, you’ll almost certainly run into issues on your WordPress site that require a look under the hood.


Matt Allington on Twitter

Today I presented “how to build a P&L in #PowerBI” to the Fin Modelling user group run by @dsteinfairhurst You can watch it on YouTube here https://youtu.be/W4zEYkDC3Tw If you want to learn from me, look at the learning options below. I cover all time zones around the world.