10 Productive Jupyter Notebook Hacks, Tips and Tricks!

Overview Jupyter notebooks are a great tool for data scientists but we can make them even better using these hacks, tips, and tricks We will demonstrate each Jupyter notebook hack in this article using code as well as a video demonstration Introduction A full month has elapsed since most of India I


Playing Magic with Friends When You Can’t Gather

So, you’re sitting at home. You have your tricked-out Commander deck. You’d love to play some Magic to pass the time, but leaving the house to interact isn’t something on the table in today’s world. What’s a Magic player to do?


How to create a simple dashboard using Bootstrap in 5 minutes?

Would you like to create websites from a ready element? Bootstrap is one of the most popular CSS frameworks. It allows us to build a beautiful UI from ready components, like navbars or forms.


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It is easy to install high quality, curated #PowerBI reports from Microsoft AppSource. Read my article here https://bit.ly/2xwc2fe to find out how to do it. As a bonus, you can create your own Covid-19 report using the hard work and skill from @gilra


New capability allowing visuals to be copied as images makes its way to Power BI

Microsoft’s updates to Power BI in the past few days include the introduction of app shortcuts for its Android version and the arrival of a more modern look for workspaces in the data analytics service. Now, a new capability to copy visuals in the form of an image has been brought to Power BI.