Stock Sellers Are Finally Showing Up

Newton’s third law of motion states that, for every force, there is an equal but opposite force. It’s easily understood by sitting in a chair. Gravity pulls you down, but the chair pushes you up. If gravity were weak, sitting on the chair might bounce you up like a beach ball.

Creating a Serverless Database in Azure – SQLServerCentral

I have been experimenting with Azure in my spare time, trying to better understand this cloud service and how I can use it for data projects. My employer is considering building some applications here, so I want to be prepared.

AutomatorWP: How to Automate Nearly Everything in WordPress

Plugins and integrations are a big part of what makes WordPress such a powerful system. Getting plugins to work together smoothly isn’t always possible, though. AutomatorWP aims to solve that problem, using a simple ‘trigger’ and ‘action’ system that lets you automate WordPress tasks.

Naming Tables, Columns And Measures In Power BI

What’s wrong with this picture? Look at the names: Datasets like this seem to work perfectly well and are often built by professional BI developers but these names are a mess – and this can cause a lot of problems later on.

How to Build an Effective Data Science Portfolio

If the Skills section on your Resume states Python, R, SQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and you’re wondering why you get REJECTED every time, you should keep reading. There are millions seeking a job in Data Science and the opportunities are limited.

10 Web Development YouTube Channels You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you are a web developer who is constantly searching for tutorials on YouTube, you’ve definitely come across Traversy Media, Dev Ed, The Net Ninja and some other cool instructors creating awesome content for web developers. However, there are a few more you probably didn’t know about.