Authentication And Authorization In ASP.NET Core Web API With JSON Web Tokens

In this post, we will see how to create JWT authentication in ASP.NET Core Web API application. We will store the user credentials in SQL server database. We will use Entity framework code first approach to perform database operations.

How to Restart a WordPress Site – Reset WordPress (The Fast Way)

Recently, one of our readers asked us, “How do I restart my WordPress site?”. This isn’t something that most users will need to do, but knowing how to reset WordPress can be very helpful in some situations.

Forecasting in Power BI

In this post, we’ll go through the process of creating forecasting in Power BI. You can download the dataset that I used here. It contains daily female births in California in 1959¹. For a list other time-series datasets, check out Jason Brownlee’s article.

How to Use Time and Date Dimensions in a Power BI Model

I have written a blog article about the date dimension, and also one about the time dimension. However, I got some questions in the comments about how they will be used together in a data model. In this article, I’ll explain that.

My 7 Favorite VS Code Extensions (That Aren’t Mentioned Yet)

I, like many others, love customizing my VS Code setup. I am constantly looking for new plugins, settings, themes, fonts, and productivity tips to enhance my experience. Sometimes, I probably spend more time working on my workspace than actually getting any jobs done.

A layman guide for Data Scientists to create APIs in minutes

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to provide your model predictions to a frontend developer without them having access to model related code? Or has a developer ever asked you to create an API that they can use? I have faced this a lot.

My Frankenstein network became functional infrastructure and completely changed our connectivity

I’ve been in my house with my wife for about 15 years now and life has changed a lot in that time. When we first got ADSL2, we had Ethernet cables running down the hallway into the living area to provide our DVR with connectivity.