How to Create a WordPress Multisite with Different Domains (4 Steps)

Do you want to create a WordPress multisite with different domains? WordPress multisite allows you to use a single WordPress installation to create multiple websites. You can even give each site its own domain name.

Restore an old MacBook with Linux

Last year, I wrote about how you can give new life to an old MacBook with Linux, specifically Elementary OS in that instance. Recently, I returned to that circa 2015 MacBook Air and discovered I had lost my login password. I downloaded the latest Elementary OS 5.1.

Why does Amazon hate its most enthusiastic smart home fans?

Blink, the Kickstarter success bought by Amazon in 2017, has long been synonymous with inexpensive battery-powered home video cameras that don’t require a monthly contract for cloud recordings.

Easy WordPress theme deployment using Deployer

In this article, I’ll show you an easy and fast way how to set up WordPress theme deployment without downtime using Deployer in 5 steps. Deployer is a simple open-source PHP-based deployment tool. It’s easy to use and set up.

Get The BEST PERFORMANCE From Lithium Ion Batteries & Make Them LAST LONGER!

Get The BEST PERFORMANCE From Lithium Ion Batteries & Make Them LAST LONGER! In this video we show the #verycoolgang how to get the best performance from their lithium ion power tool batteries and make them last longer. We will teach you some simple tips and tricks on how to improve the performance

5 Online Courses I Took as a Self-Taught Data Scientist

Let me just get this out of the way: I’m in no way an actual prodigy. I’m not creating AI that will change the world or creating equations that will solve the mysteries of the universe like our old pal Einstein. But I’m in no way a beginner either.