3 Python Projects That Will Help Automate Your Life

Most jobs have some tasks that add little value to our profession. Doing such tasks once isn’t a big deal, but when they become repetitive and time-consuming, they have to be automated. By automating tasks you will stop wasting time doing mundane tasks and focus on what matters most for you.


Why the best iPad app for handwritten notes is going freemium

With its free app, Notability wants more users to share their notes—and eventually pay on a subscription basis for extra features. 3 minute ReadFor those who prefer taking digital notes by hand instead of typing, Notability has long been an iPad must-have.


The 9 Best Features of Google Data Studio for Data Analysis and Visualization

Appropriate visualization of data is vital for your team’s success. Data visualizations show how your project is progressing or how you’re doing in terms of earnings. Data Studio comes in handy for such productive data analysis because it’s an easy-to-use tool with a lot of modern features.