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Rowing Machine From Bike Parts

During the high time of the pandemic with working from home, restrictions of staying outside and so on, I needed a way to do sports inside on a regular basis. Also I felt a big urge to build SOMETHING, no matter what. https://www.instructables.com/Rowing-Machine-From-Bike-Parts/

How to Analyze Formula 1 Telemetry in 2022

So, the new season has started. Lots of changes, lots of new stuff, and the same goes for the fastf1 Python library, which provides us with all the data we need to gain interesting insights. https://medium.com/towards-formula-1-analysis/how-to-analyze-formula-1-telemetry-in-2022-a-python-tutorial-309ced4b8992

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

In the final years of the First World War, the Russian Empire was coming to its end. It had been devastated by revolution and finally transformed into the first Communist country in the World. In the years following the Revolution, non-Russian nations that lived under the House of Romanov sought to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp3sXDQanKk

Doing Power BI the Right Way: 8. Delivery options

When you sign-up for the Power BI service at PowerBI.com (this address redirects to App.PowerBI.com), use establish a tenant for your organization, hosted in the Azure cloud. Even if you setup a 90-day trial account, you have a tenant that you can upgrade later on. https://sqlserverbi.blog/2022/02/06/doing-power-bi-the-right-way-8-delivery-options/