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How to Secure Your API With JSON Web Tokens

When dealing with APIs, we often have to think about restricting resources and routes. We can usually do this with the use of sessions. Sessions are stored in memory on the server side. But, we can also switch things around and take another approach. https://medium.com/javascript-in-plain-english/how-to-secure-your-api-with-json-web-tokens-495ec68ba6cd

Using A Raspberry Pi for That Perfect DSLR Shot

One creative maker has come up with a way to control a DSLR camera with a smartphone. Luis Salha called in a Raspberry Pi  for his DIY solution, dubbed Black Box, which uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to communicates with a DSLR camera and control almost all of its settings. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/raspberry-pi-dslr-camera-project-diy