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Building an interactive Python dashboard using SQL and Datapane

One of the most important skills for data analysis is interacting with databases. Most organizations store their business-critical data in a relational database like Postgres or MySQL, and you’ll need to know Structured Query Language (SQL) to access or update the data stored there. https://towardsdatascience.com/building-an-interactive-python-dashboard-using-sql-and-datapane-46bd92294fd3

Announcing Power BI in Jupyter notebooks

We’re excited to announce the release of Power BI in Jupyter notebooks. You can now tell compelling data stories with Power BI in Jupyter notebooks. Get your Power BI analytics in a Jupyter notebook with the new powerbiclient Python package. https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/announcing-power-bi-in-jupyter-notebooks/

Restore an old MacBook with Linux

Last year, I wrote about how you can give new life to an old MacBook with Linux, specifically Elementary OS in that instance. Recently, I returned to that circa 2015 MacBook Air and discovered I had lost my login password. I downloaded the latest Elementary OS 5.1. https://opensource.com/article/21/4/restore-macbook-linux