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How to Automate and Scale Your REST API Tests

Tricentis sponsored this post. REST API (REpresentational State Transfer) is a powerful way to run tests. However, it’s not always enough. There are some pitfalls that cannot be spotted by REST API testing alone. That’s why end-to-end test automation is important. https://thenewstack.io/how-to-automate-and-scale-your-rest-api-tests/

Getting 1000 FPS Out Of The Raspberry Pi Camera

The Raspberry Pi camera has become a defacto standard for many maker projects, making things like object recognition and remote streaming a breeze. However, the Sony IMX219 camera module used is capable of much more, and [Gaurav Singh] set out to unlock its capabilities. https://hackaday.com/2020/03/11/getting-1000-fps-out-of-the-raspberry-pi-camera/