The 9 Best Features of Google Data Studio for Data Analysis and Visualization

Appropriate visualization of data is vital for your team’s success. Data visualizations show how your project is progressing or how you’re doing in terms of earnings. Data Studio comes in handy for such productive data analysis because it’s an easy-to-use tool with a lot of modern features.

WordPress Mega Menu: Choose From These 5 Free And Paying Plugins

Hamburgers, sandwiches and other kebabs: I must confess, I have a pronounced appetite for junk food. You know, it’s the kind of food a bit fat, and not really recommended by dieticians and nutritionists.

Creating real-time dashboards in Power BI with push datasets

Though you can build real-time reports with DirectQuery, push datasets offer a more scalable, economical, and effective solution especially when combined with an Import model already in place. In this article we introduce the architecture of push datasets.

How to Pull Data from an API using Python Requests

The thing that I’m asked to do over and over again is automate pulling data from an API. Despite holding the title “Data Scientist” I’m on a small team, so I’m not only responsible for building models, but also pulling data, cleaning it, and pushing and pulling it wherever it needs to go.

Building an End-To-End Analytic solution in Power BI: Part 2

When I talk to people who are not deep into the Power BI world, I often get the impression that they think of Power BI as a visualization tool exclusively.

Deploy Remote Desktop Services (RDS) On AzureStack #Azure

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is the platform of choice to cost-effectively host Windows desktops and applications. You can use an Azure Marketplace offering to quickly create a full-blown RDS farm on Azure IaaS deployment.

Second-hand panels: Australia’s massive wasted solar opportunity

On a recent visit to the local rubbish tip, Dr Nick Engerer – the founder and CEO of solar data services company Solcast – was struck by an increasingly familiar sight: a stack of perfectly functional, discarded solar panels.

RF-based home automation using Raspberry Pi (Part 1)

While researching around on how the small sensors on doors/windows and motion detectors work, I found out that they are based on a radio frequency protocol which is typically on the 433 Mhz, 315 MHz or 868 MHz bands.

RF-based home automation using Raspberry Pi (Part 2)

I have previously published the first part of this topic which is about interfacing with a RF-based home security system. Later on, I found a relatively cheap 220V relay that works on the same 433 MHz frequency and decided to purchase one from AliExpress to try out.