Displaying Routes On A Map In Power BI

In last week’s post I described the new Power Query M functions for working with Well Known Text objects, and in a post a few weeks ago I showed how you can use the Icon Map custom visual to display Well Known Text data.


Capture life changing before your eyes!

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it! What do we mean by ‘it’ exactly? It’s EVERYTHING — the world around us is alive, just like we are! That’s why this week we want you to use your digital making skills to capture life and its constant change.


A Framework For Learning New Data Science Concepts Quickly

Success in data science and software engineering depends on our ability to continuously learn new models and concepts. Both domains are infinitely large umbrellas of nested ideas.


5 free resources every data scientist should start using today

Four years ago, I was a recent college grad, starting out my career at a four-person IoT startup. One of my first assignments was to research and propose a solution for an AI-based digital assistant for military settings.


Remote access your Raspberry Pi securely — The MagPi magazine

Some people take things further and use a third-party service to help protect their Raspberry Pi. In this tutorial, we’re taking a look at remote.it to set up a work network using Raspberry Pi as a remote access gateway. With remote.


How to Overclock Any Raspberry Pi

There’s free, extra performance buried inside your Raspberry Pi. Just as you can overclock a PC, increasing its CPU speed above stock, you can overclock any model of Raspberry Pi .  In fact, on newer models, you can not only turn up the Raspberry PI’s CPU speed, but also its GPU speed.


Azure Fundamentals — Almost all you need to know

Important: This article is a 20-minute long read, but what should make it worth your while is the fact that it introduces a lot of important Azure / Cloud concepts for starters. So I hope you enjoy it, let’s begin!


Raspberry Pi Project Syncs Philips Hue Lights With Your TV Using HDMI

If you’re a movie buff, designing the perfect home theater is a must! This project, created by MCPCapitalLLC, uses a Raspberry Pi to create ambient lighting that matches whatever you’re watching on TV. The setup is known as Harmonize Project.


Automatically create measures in Power BI using VS Code

My last blog introduced the idea of using Microsoft Visual Studio Code to work with Power BI Models. For this article, I build on that idea by showing how you can use a TOM based script to automatically generate measures in your model Power BI (or Azure Analysis Services) model.


Easy Headless Raspberry Pi Setup

As outlined in this Raspberry Pi Connect post, it’s very possible to connect to your Raspberry Pi over a local network, and accomplish a wide range of tasks. In fact, as I’ve become more comfortable with the system, this is by far my preferred control method.