Whatsapp Group Chat Analysis using Python and Plotly

A group of five friends decided to go on a trip to Goa in their 6th semester. Before the advent of Social Media, they used to plan everything on call or in the college canteen. But now thanks to Whatsapp, from trips to exams and assignments everything happens on Whatsapp groups.


Adding an endpoint graph to your ASP.NET Core application Visualizing ASP.NET Core 3.0 endpoints using GraphvizOnline – Part 2

In this post I show how to visualize the endpoint routes in your ASP.NET Core 3.0 application using the DfaGraphWriter service. I show how to generate a directed graph (as shown in my previous post) which can be visualized using GraphVizOnline.


Neil Hambly

New ‘Data+Train’ YouTube channel.. just hit 400 Views (44 Subscribers). OK, I’ll admit it still a ultra miniscule step, but it’s the 1st of many steps on the ladder. My 1st Video (Live Streamed) was on the new Microsoft #PowerBI DA-100 exam youtu.be/sG-92fWPzZU pic.twitter.


How to secure ASP.NET Core with OAuth and JSON Web Tokens

OAuth 2.0 is an authorization standard, that you probably already used somehow. When a service needs information from your GitHub or Google account, you authorize that using OAuth before they can get the data.


Stock Sellers Are Finally Showing Up

Newton’s third law of motion states that, for every force, there is an equal but opposite force. It’s easily understood by sitting in a chair. Gravity pulls you down, but the chair pushes you up. If gravity were weak, sitting on the chair might bounce you up like a beach ball.